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🌋 Obsidian

Obsidian is a Markdown editing app popular with students and researchers.

Download Obsidian


Open a Hugo website in Obsidian

File > Open Vault > Open Folder As Vault > Select the folder containing your Hugo website

Configure Obsidian

Tell Obsidian to use Markdown formatting:

Settings > Files & Links > Use WikiLinks > False

Edit your Hugo site in Obsidian

Simply click your Hugo website pages in the left sidebar and edit the content in the main window using Markdown formatting.

Synchronize edits to your website

Install the Git plugin to sync your changes to your GitHub repository:

Settings > Community Plugins > Search for Git

Click Install, and after installation, click Enable

Now you can create or edit a file, and then click the command icon >_ and Commit all changes

Finally, click the command icon >_ again and click Push to upload your changes to your website repository in the cloud

Assuming no errors, your website will typically update 5-10 minutes after you sync your edits to your GitHub repository.