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๐Ÿคณ Social media sharing

Want to empower users to share your pages on social media and accelerate your website growth?

The Page Sharer enables you to grow your audience by engaging your visitors to share pages on your site with others. Visitors can share your pages via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Weibo, and many more!

To enable the Page Sharer, set share: true in your page front matter.

To customize the social networks in the Page Sharer, edit data/page_sharer.yaml. If you donโ€™t already have this file in your site, copy the page_sharer.yaml file to your data/ folder, creating the folder if necessary.

Select your social networks

To enable or disable a button, set its enable option to true or false.

Reorder your social networks

To reorder the sharing links, move the YAML-formatted list items to your preferred order.

Add a new social network

Weโ€™ve already included some of the most popular networks, but further networks can easily be added.

To add a button for a new social network:

  1. Duplicate a links instance and edit its properties
  2. Choose an icon, and give it a title and a one-word, lowercase id
  3. Copy the sharing URL from the social network and paste it into the url field, substituting the title of the page to share with {title} and page URL with {url}