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Step 2: Edit Biography

After the editor has loaded, head over to the left sidebar and click on content > authors > admin > to edit our name and social links:


  • In the title field, add your full name or nickname, and include your title (e.g. Prof) if you wish
  • In the first_name and first_name fields, add your first and last names in order to help search engines find your site
  • In the optional name_pronounciation field, either write the pronunciation of your name or set it to nothing ''
    • For example, if you have a Chinese name, you can write your name in Chinese in the title field and write the pinyin version of your name in the name_pronounciation field


  • Set an optional status emoji in the status -> icon field - you can use your emoji keyboard or copy an emoji. The status emoji can be displayed next to your profile picture on the homepage.


  • The role field will display under your name on the homepage. Set it to anything you like, such as Data Scientist
  • Set the optional organizations field to your current place of work or education - this will display under your name on the homepage


Optionally, add a list of your profiles, such as LinkedIn, to display them below your name on the homepage.

Update the email address for the at-symbol icon from the example email address to your own email address, or remove that item if you donโ€™t want an email link. Keep the mailto: part - this tells the web browser to open the visitorโ€™s email client.

The following social icons are currently included:

  • github
  • instagram
  • facebook
  • discord
  • x (Twitter)
  • telegram
  • whatsapp
  • weixin
  • mastodon
  • youtube
  • linkedin
  • arxiv
  • google-scholar
  • orcid

Remember to type the icon name in lowercase, exactly as it appears above.

Need to link to a different social network?

Simply download the SVG brand icon to your assets/media/icons/custom folder. For example, if you download the Facebook logo to assets/media/icons/custom/facebook.svg, you can enter icon: "custom/facebook" to show the Facebook icon.

Want inspiration? You can download SVG icons from sites like Font Awesome.


Write your biography that you would like to display on the homepage at the bottom of the file, so that itโ€™s in the body of the Markdown file (after the last ---) rather than in the YAML front matter

Save changes to the file

Once you have updated the user details to your own, letโ€™s save the page by clicking on the three bars in the top left and File > Save (or ctrl + s keyboard shortcut):

Add your profile picture

Next, letโ€™s update the profile picture displayed on the homepage.

Right-click the default avatar.jpg and click Delete.

Drag a photo of yourself (in JPG or PNG format) from your PC to the content > authors > admin folder in the editor and right-click to Rename your photo to avatar.

Add site title

Finally, head over to the left sidebar and click on config > _default > hugo.yaml to edit the site title which will be displayed in the navigation bar.

Add your full name to the title field:

Then save the page by clicking on the three bars in the top left and File > Save (or ctrl + s keyboard shortcut).