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Step 3: Create a blog post

Add our first blog post

Head over to the left sidebar and right-click on content > post to create a New Folder for our blog post:

Name the folder how you would like the URL of the blog post to appear (use lowercase and use hyphen instead of space):

Then create the blog post within the new folder:

And name the file

Now letโ€™s add the content of our first blog post.

Simply add the title of the blog post, the date (in the format shown), and some Markdown-formatted content in the body of the file (after the last ---):

Then save the page by clicking on the three bars in the top left and File > Save (or ctrl + s keyboard shortcut).

Add an image

If you want to add a featured image, drag and drop an image named featured from your computer to your blog postโ€™s folder in the editor.